Medical Billing Audit

Our dedicated billing audit team is committed to enhancing your practice’s profitability. We go beyond surface-level reviews of medical records by gaining a profound understanding of your specialty. We conduct thorough audits of diagnostic and procedure codes for claims, resulting in a significant reduction in your accounts receivable (AR) days.

A medical billing audit is a comprehensive review and evaluation of a healthcare provider’s billing and coding practices. It involves examining claims, documentation, coding accuracy, compliance with regulations, and overall billing efficiency. The primary goal of a medical billing audit is to identify errors, discrepancies, or areas for improvement within the billing process.

Identify Errors and Inefficiencies

Audits can uncover billing errors such as upcoding, undercoding, duplicate billing, and incorrect modifiers. Detecting these errors is crucial for accurate reimbursement and compliance with healthcare regulations.

Ensure Compliance

Audits help ensure that medical billing practices align with federal and state regulations, as well as payer-specific guidelines. Compliance is essential to avoid legal issues and penalties.

Enhance Revenue

By identifying missed revenue opportunities and billing inefficiencies, audits can significantly improve a healthcare provider’s financial performance. They can help uncover underbilled or unbilled services, leading to increased revenue.

Mitigate Risks

Audits can help healthcare organizations mitigate the risk of fraud, abuse, or improper billing practices. Detecting and addressing issues proactively can protect the organization’s reputation and financial well-being.

Improved Revenue Cycle

Audits help optimize the revenue cycle by reducing denials and ensuring timely reimbursement.

Enhanced Patient Satisfaction

Accurate billing practices contribute to a positive patient experience by minimizing billing disputes and errors.

Financial Stability

A well-executed audit can have a direct impact on a healthcare organization’s financial stability by identifying opportunities for revenue growth and cost reduction.

Improved Revenue Cycle

Audits help optimize the revenue cycle by reducing denials and ensuring timely reimbursement.

The APRM Audit Advantage

Our comprehensive audit process encompasses a thorough examination of encounter documentation, scheduled visits, meticulous completion of audit sheets and summary reports, and the provision of personalized chart audit review training. Choose APRM as your partner for unmatched billing audit solutions that propel your practice to success.

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